HP Pro360

That which can be measured can be improved

HP Pro360 brings together recruiting & player assessment, coaching, development & welfare into one system with deep-dive analytics and provides strong visual representation of data. It is a sophisticated evaluation tool designed to evaluate / develop and optimise individual and team performance.


The ability to rank players in a wide range of categories across teams, leagues, competitions and regions.

Player Pages & Analytics

Each team member has his / her own page which include the likes of overall player ratings and skills, rankings compared to other athletes, heat maps to represent strengths and weaknesses as well as player game histories and notes.

Team Pages

Each team page has aggregated skills assessed from all team members that include overall ratings/rankings, team lists and results.

Data Visualisation & Mobile Responsiveness

The HP Pro360 software is built via a mobile first experience and is responsive to all devices. The large datasets have been visualised in a way that is immediately understandable and engaging.

Player Calendar & Development

Players also have a training and development calendar which includes tasks and benchmarks the players must achieve by specific dates. This includes the ability for the coaches and players to enter information.

Easy data collection

Players have sliders to record attribute scores for each game. Match reports can be generated within seconds with clever logic to automate reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Brings together all functions of individual and team performance optimisation.
  • Provides you with a 360-degree view of your team and team members.
  • Assess your current team members and benchmark them against their peers.
  • Allows you at a glance to ensure you have the desired balance in your squad and team.
  • Gives you the option to use the benchmarked information to determine squad & team selection decisions as well as to determine appropriate remuneration for your squad and potential recruits.
  • Manage their individual recruiting activities and needs.
  • Compare potential recruits to determine if they’d be a good fit within your team.
  • Be able to set performance targets / goals / KPI’s.
  • Assists in ensuring the individual team member buys in to his / her development.
  • Promotes more effective player and team development with easy to use performance data.
  • Assists coaches to devise training programs using the team data.
  • Gives the team member assurance his / her development & welfare is being treated just as importantly as their performance.
  • Solidifies the relationship between the team member and the team by providing them with regular specific data on their performance and development.
  • Displays on all devices.
  • HP Pro360 increases in value the longer the client uses it.