Pro Scout International is Australia's first independent sports talent scouting company.

Scouting Services

In season 2017, we are operating in AFL Football servicing several AFL Clubs. We have staff located around Australia attending state league, national championships and futures (16 & 17 year-old players) matches. These scouts then submit reports into our custom built high performance software hppro. This software will present a view on players never before seen and will use deep dive analytics to highlight a sophisticated breakdown of the talent pool.

Pro Scout International looks forward to expanding its scouting service in 2018 to more AFL clubs, and to look to provide a detailed breakdown of the talent pool to media outlets, state league clubs and other interested parties.

High Performance Software HP Pro360

HP Pro360 brings together recruiting & player assessment, coaching, development & welfare into one system with deep dive analytics and provides strong visual representation of your data. A strength of the software is its ease of use and strong data presentation.

AFL HP Pro360 Software screenshot